I want to thank each and every person who takes their time to read this. Thank you to everyone who has invested into my ministry with prayer or finances. And thank you to every friend who has helped me and believed in me along this journey.

I wouldn’t be here without you.

Pictures are deceptive, so here’s the real story. While God has blessed me tremendously. And comforted me so graciously. Never have I ever felt so lonely and broken. Yet never have I felt Him so close. And it’s made me better. Please continue to pray for me.

It’s also your love and friendship that has made me better. My life is being made new because of His grace and your support. If you need anything at all, know I’m here to pray, encourage, love, and support in anyway I can.

Here are some ministry highlights from this month!

Church Plant in Malmö

We had an amazing night at SOS Malmö! At the end of service a man from Egypt came to the front to give his life to Jesus and afterwards wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit. To communicate with him we had to translate from Swedish to English to Arabic. Me and my friend Alfred Badri got the privilege to pray with him. After praying for 5 minutes or so I felt the power of God fall on him and you could tell God was working in his life. After we had prayed for a while, he stood with his eyes closed and said he didn’t want to open them because he felt so happy and at peace in that moment! Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful life changing night!

Refugee Care 

I had the honor to preach for refugee care this month. This specific night we had Muslim men from Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, and Sudan. This is by far one of the most attacked ministries that we have. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. From sound issues to lack of a translator. But God’s purposes still prevail, and at the end three came for prayer, one said he wanted Jesus. All of Heaven rejoices!


One of our Christian refugees received a message from the government that he was being sent him back to Afghanistan. I don’t know his exact situation but our refugee care leader announced to the team that once he lands he will be killed (this was discussed in front of the man). We gathered around the man and prayed that his life would be spared. Please pray and agree with us, he has to leave in the next two weeks.

Nurla Khan — Pastor from India

This month I met one of the most incredible men of God ever. His story was heart wrenching. He converted to Christianity as a child. His mom was mu

rdered by his dad for trying to protect him. He was orphaned and alone by the age of six. Now he’s given his entire life to reaching children with the Gospel — illegally.

He lives, with his wife and small child, in a one bed room house. Everyday he ministers to kids, loves them, provides whatever medical/educational needs he can afford. And at night, he has his wife make potato chips to sell for income. They make around $2 if they sell all 90 bags in town.

— If you want to know more about his ministry or give any financial support to him let me know. I’m in the process of helping him set up funding for his ministry.

Personal life:

In order to stay in Sweden I have to renew my visa every three months by leaving the Schengen (union of European countries, not the EU). The closest place to go is the UK so I got to head to London for a few days! It was a very refreshing time and I got to check off a huge bucket list item for me — visiting Stonehenge! So thankful for all that God has allowed me to see and experience.

Another huge addition to my life is that I became and uncle on March 1st! Many of you guys know my sister Samantha and brother in law Bryan and how their baby is a miracle story. Against all odds they have a beautiful baby boy! Thank you for everyone who prayed into this blessing — I can’t wait to meet my nephew!!

Below are pictures from the last month!

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