As many of you know or have seen from social media I took a few weeks to come back to the US to spend time with friends and family! In Sweden the whole country basically shuts down for 2 months because the weather is good. So I’m thankful that I’ve been able to experience a great Swedish summer as well as the hot Louisiana summer that I’m accustomed to.


This break has been a great time of recharging and refocusing. I’ve taken advantage of this summer to rest and have many one on one meetings with US mentors of mine as well as pouring into others that I’ve been with for years. I also attended Gateway Student Conference where I was able to hear amazing men and women of God from all over the world share about Jesus! Every time I find myself in this season I remember how important it is to allow Jesus to be Jesus and Daniel to be Daniel. No striving, just soaking in His presence!

Although I’ve been on a break, I’ve had a few opportunities to preach. These have been such great times of ministry. I’ve been sharing about all I’ve seen God do in the past year, telling of all He’s taught me, and encouraging others to press in deeper into the love of the Father.

I also started a podcast channel to post some of the messages that I’ve been sharing this year. The first one is on dreams from God and how to interpret them — So if you’d like to subscribe or listen to part of my journey click the link below!

Daniel Maddry Ministries Podcast

I’ll be leaving for Sweden on August 20th and will start back with the Leadership Academy on August 24th! If you would like to catch up before I leave please let me know!

I love you all and I’m so grateful that God has surrounded me with such an awesome community!

Below are pictures from the last month!

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