What a month it has been!

I could probably thank God for hours for all of the blessings He’s given me. From a great family to stay with to amazing friends. But perhaps what I’m most thankful for is perspective.

Living in a post Christian nation is not easy. Things that would be taboo in the US are commonplace here in Sweden. Most Swedes pity you when they hear you’re a Christian, talking to you with all certainty that your brain has fallen out. Although logic will not win them to Christ, love seems to carry such power in a conversation. Christ can be seen in the eyes of a healthy believer, something that can never be imitated by the world.

My time here has been very challenging and rewarding.

  • Public transportation is a whole new experience for me. My apartment is 11 miles from the city and it takes me an hour to navigate. But that’s an hour I can read my Bible or catch up on emails — so it works out.
  • Not having many friends creates a lot of open time in my schedule. I’ve chosen to fill this time with prayer and reading. I see this as an opportunity to grow in intimacy with Christ and sharpen my mind.
  • Learning a new language has also been a challenge. As I walk around town I stare at signs and practice saying words I’ve never seen before. This can make your head hurt but it’s no doubt a sign of growth!

I also try to have some fun, last week I went rock climbing…

Because I’m trying to meet new friends right? Well that night the only friend I made was Gustaf the orthopedic doctor from Huddinge Medical Center. While coming off a climb I landed on my ankle sideways, dislocated it, and ended up fracturing it as well. This pain creates a new dynamic in the miles a day a walk. Pray for me!


School has been amazing. Everyday we pray for an hour before class. I’ve had an array of teachers while learning everything from a healthy ministry lifestyle to international church planting.

  • Wednesday nights I have house church. This is not only a community builder within our church but an opportunity to acclimate new Christians or unbelievers into the Christian lifestyle.
  • Thursday nights I have refugee care. Specifically I’ve been working with small Muslim children telling them about the love of God. What an incredible and special opportunity this is!
  • Friday nights we have street mission. This is where we go out into downtown Stockholm serve coffee, pray for the sick, and minister to unbelievers. The fruit from this ministry is amazing!

Besides that, God has been so good to open doors for me. I recently got asked to be Johannes’ Personal Assistant (our pastor). This will allow me not only to work with and learn from an international evangelist but I’ll be able to travel and see more of Europe and the churches here!

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