Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for being a part of my life and journey  — each of you are incredibly valuable to me!

Last month I mentioned that I had been going through a pretty tough time here and could use prayer. Many of you wrote me encouraging words and committed to praying for me and I have felt the effects of it. This past month I began walking in more confidence and security in God and am very much feeling alive and like myself! THANK YOU JESUS!

Here are some ministry highlights from this month!

Mulhouse, France

Pastor Johannes got invited to speak at at youth conference in Mulhouse, France this past month and I was lucky enough to tag along. He was ministering alongside one of Reinhardt Bonnke’s former intercessors —  Suzette Hattingh. Needless to say that the miracle stories in the back room were endless. It was such an honor to get to be with people who have paved the way for millions of people to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ.

The church we were at is one of the largest in France and it’s inception is a miracle story. Birthed out of a simple prayer meeting, they now gather +2000 on a weekly basis. Meetings of this size are rare for Europe. The presence of God was uniquely powerful at this church and the faith of the people attracted the miracles of Jesus and freedom for the bound! The last night of church lasted over 5 hours. And remember, this was a student conference!

Geneva, Switzerland

Before my flight back to Stockholm, I got to stay with some new friends in Geneva, Switzerland. These two days were from the Lord. I spent most of my time in a coffee shop or around the city praying and writing — it was like a mini sabbatical for me.

Geneva is the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation that took place in the 1500’s with Calvin and Luther. This undoubtedly changed the trajectory of the modern church for the better. Not only putting greater emphasis on the Word of God but also controversially reinstating the believers baptism.

While I was there I felt like God was in process of starting a new reformation, an apostolic reformation. Where God isn’t just raising up leaders to lead the next generation, He’s raising up fathers and mothers. Many church governments revolve around hierarchy and structure (which are good, but sometimes untouchable) but the government of Heaven is family. And I believe we will begin to see more movements of God revolving around family.

Madagascar Preparation  

As most of you know our school is required to go to Madagascar this summer to serve at a Mission SOS Festival. We have three teams from the school going and I’m leading one of the teams! This month we’ve spent time with our team fasting and praying, learning dramas and dances, and most importantly seeking God’s heart for the people of Madagascar.

Needless to say, I’m excited for what all God will do this summer!

Weekly Blog

In recent weeks I’ve felt stronger words from the Lord as I’ve been writing. This has become one of my favorite ways to encourage people while I’m studying and ministering abroad. If you haven’t had a chance to read any blogs or subscribe — I recommend starting with this one on hearing God’s voice!

Personal life: 

So I’ve started climbing again after my accident earlier this year but I’m taking it super slow. I never want to be in a foreign hospital again! While I was there I met a guy and we began climbing together. Eventually he asked why I was in Sweden and I told him that I was here studying the Bible.

After talking a little more about church and such he said, “We [Swedes] look at people like you and think you’re stupid for believing in God.” I laughed and responded, “Where I’m from we look at people like you and think you’re stupid for not believing in God — you think we evolved from rocks! Haha” At that moment I saw his face completely changed as he realized that his beliefs actually sounded more ridiculous than mine.

Before he left he asked for my number so we could hang again, and we will. Genuine friendships and not overlooking the one is how the Gospel changes a country.

Other than that, I’m in America for a short time to celebrate the marriage of my friends Trey and Phoebe and to visit my new nephew! If you’re a young adult I’ll be at 318LIVE on Monday May 8th — Can’t wait to see you!

Below are pictures from the last month!

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