October was a month to remember. The longer I’m here, the richer my relationships are becoming and the more I’m falling in love with the city — however I’m not in love with the weather. Daylight has become scarce again and changes daily. We get about 2-3 minutes less daylight everyday! It’s getting dark around 3:45pm now!

Leadership Academy 

I’ve enjoyed school so much. This last month I worked pretty heavily on my self studies. It’s where we take a spiritual concept, research it extensively, and put together a paper and presentation. Mine is on dreams — In recent years I’ve become increasingly curious about God speaking to us in the night time.

Psalm 16:7 says, “I will bless the Lord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me.”

In my studies I’ve learned that so many modern inventions came from dreams — credited to God. I also read in Abraham Lincoln’s biography that he had a dream of being assassinated days before it actually happened. He also noted that every time he opened his Bible his eyes fell to the words “dream” and “vision.” It’s as if God was trying to warn him of the plot against his life.

We also had autumn break. It was a good time to hang out with friends, travel around, and read a good book 🙂


This month I did more writing than usual. Around Halloween I released a three part blog & podcast series on toxic emotions that plague our relationships, decision making, and health.

I’ve began challenging myself with writing. Before this year I’ve never been a writer but I feel I need to be responsible with what God is teaching me. Who knows what this could turn into in the future?


I moved in the very beginning of the month to a better place with my friend Ben and his family. This afforded me the opportunity to be closer to the city and really freed some time up in the mornings for me. I decided to wake up at 5am during the week days and spend good time with God. Wow. It’s been so amazing. I’ve never felt more connection with God and at peace in my spirit. This is no doubt a habit I plan on continuing in my next season of life.

Another cool thing is I got to go hunting with Johannes and Adam (his son). We took a little road trip to Småland — literally translated “small land.” Although we didn’t kill anything we had a great time. I was hog hunting in the middle of the forrest until 1am, using infrared lighting to see in the dark. It was so fun, though it would have better to see something 😉

We also went fishing on some beautiful lakes — it was a great escape from the city of Stockholm!

I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support.

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