September was such a rich and fulfilling month! I constantly think about my life and the journey that God has taken me on and am amazed. I’ve learned that our obedience is always matched by God’s faithfulness. And although His requests aren’t always easy, they are always worth it.

Leadership Academy 

School has been great, per usual. This month Pastor Johannes led us on an extensive teaching on faith. Partnering the infallible truth of God’s Word with the experiences he’s walked through in his many years of ministry, Johannes shared with us some life changing principles. Particularly his thoughts on “ship wrecking” our faith challenged me and put together pieces of my own past experiences that I never understood.

The Bible School and Leadership Academy also had a three day retreat about two hours north of Stockholm. The landscape was beautiful but the presences of God was better. We had the opportunity to pray together, worship, and share our testimonies with one another. It’s incredible to see how God rescues each one of us differently from a life of sin and darkness. One of my favorite parts of the retreat was a multifaceted competition that challenged us physically, spiritually, mentally, and creativity. It seems like nothing grows people closer like competition 😉


Early on in September I had a meeting with Johannes about my future. As I shared with him the dreams God has placed in my heart he began challenging me in a new way. One I’m grateful for. He pressed hard for me to begin evangelizing to people and winning them to Christ. He showed me that in the end it didn’t matter how good of a leader or communicator I was but that me winning people for Jesus is at the heart of the Gospel.

Since then I’ve talked about Jesus as much as I could with anyone who would listen. One girl who worked for Starbucks was in tears at the idea that God could possibly love her. She allowed me to pray with her and I encouraged her to open her heart to Jesus and to trust Him. Afterwards I understood what Johannes was talking about. Jesus is all about people, and I should be too.

Besides that, I got to come home a few days to preach a BEAUTIFUL wedding for my long time friend Jordan and former intern Rhianon. Their story is potentially the most Jesus centric love story I’ve ever witnessed. I was so honored to be a part of their day.

While home I preached a two part series on “Life with the Holy Spirit” to my home church in Cotton Valley. It was a beautiful weekend. One lady was almost completely blind in her left eye. As we prayed for her, she began having more and more range of vision. I believe it’s at the heart of Jesus to see people bodies completely whole the way He created them.

I also got the privilege to be on a panel with the Northpoint Students that Wednesday and talk through fundamentals of the faith. Students would text in questions that they had and I got to share with them life experiences I’ve had and most importantly what the Word of God has to say about each question. So much fun. I love this life of encouraging others.


This past month also brought me two brand new friends. Both are from Texas and are living in Stockholm doing campus ministry. I ended up having several mutual friends with both of them, what a small world! Anyways, their friendship is a gift to my life and I’m thankful for them.

I love you all, thank you for your support in my journey! Below are pictures from the last month!

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