What an incredible month August was! Half spent with my family in the states and half spent with my family in Sweden. People often ask if I’m “so ready” to come home, the answer is NO! God has given me such a beautiful season in Europe and I plan on fully living out all of my days here, not wishing them away. I walk around Stockholm and thank God that He chose me to bring His glory to this city.

Leadership Academy 

School has started strong! While I have a few returning friends from last year, most students are new. At dinner after street mission last week I looked around at the table of six of us and asked for everyones first language — Spanish, Norwegian, French, German, English, and Icelandic. I find it amazing that God has blessed me with great friends from all over the globe!

This semester has also brought some new opportunities for me. Every morning we have a chapel service and last year’s worship leader graduated so it was time for some new students to step up. And while I haven’t played music for a long time I stepped up and began playing acoustic for morning worship. It’s been more fulfilling than I imagined.


Our first outreach was last Friday and it was the best I’d ever been to. Over the summer I felt God dealing with me about the fear of man. So as I shared the Gospel with people on the streets I felt a new boldness rise up. I also felt like I had a newfound clarity in explaining who Jesus is and why I put my faith in him. Needless to say the response was better than ever.

Besides that, I preached a few times over the summer and will periodically be updating my podcast! My newest episode was preached at 318LIVE back in May. It’s about the hidden price to a healthy life. The phrase that I always use when walking through a hard time is, “It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be quick. It’s only going to come with pain and sacrifice. But it’s gonna be worth it.” I pray it’s encouraging to you!

It's Gonna Be Worth It

Thank you for your love and support! Below are pictures from the last month!

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