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I’m selling everything and moving to Sweden.

What would cause me to do such a thing? A dream and calling from God.

Tonight, I’m giving you a dream.

Earlier this year in the middle of Wednesday night worship, I heard that. And right then, I knew it was God. Sure enough, that night I had a dream that I was walking with two missionaries. I was challenged to overcome the fear of leaving and called to walk in obedience into an unknown journey ahead.

After waking from the dream and praying to God, He gave me clear direction to go to Sweden. This was confirmed through my pastor, a word I received two years ago, and a passage of scripture from Ezekiel 48:1 “…The territory of Dan is in the extreme north”.

I believe with all my heart that in this season it is my calling to reach the lost people of Sweden with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In January, I’ll be enrolling in Johannes Amritzer’s SOS Leadership Academy in Stockholm where I will learn about the culture, undergo personal coaching, and take many tracks – including church planting.

It’s with a humble heart, I ask that you would pray and ask God if He would want you to be involved in next years journey. Whether that is through prayer, connections, or finances. I fully believe God is my provider and He will supply everything I need for His dream.

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