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What kind of car do they drive? How much money do they make? When did they get married? What kind of clothes do they wear? What kind of job do they have? How many likes do they get?

You’ve been there, right?

Comparison has a voice. One that can only highlight the ways you are not good enough and remind you of the areas you are lacking. It’s a voice of jealousy and resentment — it doesn’t know thankfulness. And if ignored, it will only grow louder.

While comparison seems innocent enough, the trajectory of it is deadly. It can adversely affect every other area of your life and open up the door for demonic influence.

James 3:16 NASB says, “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.

By embracing comparison you plant seeds of jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart. Being jealous of what other people have and selfishly proud of what you have accomplished will position you to have a chaotic life. One where you live and die by the standards of others.

Comparison is a silent sin that steals your identity and replaces it with insecurity.

This insecurity creates an appetite for more. You’ll begin to exhaust your energy and resources in an attempt to feel complete and valuable. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves you feeling empty and unlovable.

What’s potentially worse is that it’s impossible to love the imperfections in others if you can’t love the imperfections in yourself. It’s exhausting to even talk about.

The bottom line is that comparison is shallow.

Think about it.

  • You feel insecure because you don’t have name brand clothes?
  • You feel insecure because you get less than 100 likes on an Instagram post?
  • You feel insecure because you don’t have as much muscle as the next guy?

That’s ridiculous. Those things don’t determine your value at all. You are valuable because Jesus Christ died for you. 

Let’s practice something together. Fill in the blank with the thing that you’re insecure about.

Jesus + _______ makes me valuable.

What was it for you?

  • Jesus + money
  • Jesus + a relationship
  • Jesus + clothes
  • Jesus + social media

None of the things you’re insecure about mean anything. I think it’s time for a better comparison. Paul instructed us in this way.

“Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1 NASB

It’s time to repent and refocus. As you learn to look at others less and at Christ more you will find a new sense of worth. It’s then and only then when you will grow to be comfortable in who God made you to be you will begin to find your true identity in Christ.

Don’t fall into the trap of comparison. You will rob the world of a gift only you can give. Be yourself.

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