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Recently I saw an old man walking down the street dressed as a woman. My heart broke as he navigated the sidewalks, dragging along his belongings, dressed in leopard print and fishnet leggings. His face was covered in misery and hopelessness. 

I began to pray and ask God the reason for this man’s condition. Immediately my spirit was quickened with the thought, “he’s looking for love.” I then began considering the progression of life events that led him to this place, one thing leading to the next. Each was promising a greater sense of intimacy and wholeness, each one more hollow as a result.

He’s looking for life where there is only death. He’s looking for light where there is only darkness. 

It reminded me of a passage of Scripture that I had recently read. It’s from the resurrection day of Christ when Mary and Martha had arrived at the tomb of Jesus baring spices to cover the smell of the rotting corpse. When they show up, this scene takes place.

“And as the women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them, “Why do you seek the living One among the dead?” Luke 24:5


Even Mary and Martha, two of Jesus’ most intimate friends, were looking for Jesus in all the wrong places. They knew Jesus was the Messiah, they knew the prophecies of His death, burial, and resurrection, yet they still came expecting to find Jesus in the grave (why else would they have brought spices?) 

They were looking for the living among the dead. But who would do that? Who would distrust the personal words of Jesus and seek their own way?

You would, and so would I. We are all guilty.

We all know that in Jesus there is life and there is no life apart from Him. But we try to find wholeness and satisfaction through a number of different ways.

We look for life in our accomplishments and accolades, our bank statements and material possessions, our relationship status and physical appearance and the list goes on.

While those things are good, they are no substitute for God. But if we’re honest, many of us are looking for life in them, which only leads to death.

Maybe you find yourself in a season or situation, and you feel like you are chasing life looking for fulfillment, but you are only finding death. I’ve got good news — the abundant life you are looking for is found in Jesus Christ. And He’s waiting for you to choose Him. He’s waiting to bring you love, peace, joy, hope, and life. The things your heart truly desires.

The right thing can only be found in the right place.

Look for Jesus.

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