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The New Rules of Youth Ministry

The church is ever-changing, inside and outside of the organization. Budgets are tighter, time is limited, demands on staff are higher, and the social landscapes of youth ministry aren’t what they used to be.

Even Millennial youth pastors can feel out of touch with the next generation.

But that’s okay, many churches and pastors are finding ways to win at youth ministry. They’ve embraced the times and started playing by a new set of rules, and one company is helping them do it – Youth Pastor Co.

These are the new rules of youth ministry.

1. Messages need to be personal to the ministry.

The days of scripted curriculum are over. These youth groups are seeing a steady decline in attendance and engagement.

Traditional curriculum is stale, limiting its effectiveness. The newer hybrid curriculum allows youth pastors to have a solid starting place and a clear direction while still being able to personalize the message for their ministry.

2. Graphics need to be relevant.

There was a day when knowing how to use Photoshop gave you a leg up in ministry, not anymore. Designers are a dime a dozen, effectiveness is now measured by originality, exclusivity, and creativity.

No longer is it okay to follow the trend, you have to set it.

Each month Youth Pastor Co brings together the most creative minds in student ministry to build sermon series packages that are powerful, relevant, and easy to use. They leverage the talents and skills of designers from the most influential ministries in the world to create series that can be found nowhere else.

3. Leadership has to be a priority.

Pastors that are succeeding in ministry all have one thing in common – a coach.

It seems inconceivable that an Olympic athlete could win without a coach, yet many of us are approaching ministry all alone with a vision that’s larger than life.

The biggest hurdle (no pun intended) is the cost.

Youth Pastor Co is changing that. Through monthly group coaching, the price of a John Maxwell certified ministry coach is costing pennies on the dollar. By spreading the cost, what used to cost thousands a year only costs hundreds now.

So there it is, the mysteries of youth ministry debunked.

Use these rules, and they will serve you. Neglect them, and you will compromise the effectiveness of your ministry.

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