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What did you do last year?

If you’re anything like me you’ll be able to recall some big trips you took, a great book you read, and some intense pain you experienced. Other than that — it’s a blur.

I spent 2017 in Europe. Which means that almost everyday I was having new experiences — many of which I knew I would never remember.

That’s why I decided to remember my year and here’s how I did it:

1. I pinned a note in my cellphone.

One of my favorite features with the new iPhone update is that you can pin note in the notes application. So every time I opened up the application there it was, “2017 Notes”. And because I’m always writing things it my phone it was easy and convenient to update daily.

2. I wrote down everything important to me.

This can be tailored to your life. For me the big things I wanted to remember is the places I went, the books I read, the coffee I drank, the things I learned and most importantly what God was doing in my life.

3. I looked back on the memories each month.

What’s funny is that it always surprised me how much I had done in just a month’s time. But I decided that a life worth living is a life worth remembering, especially when you’re living an adventure following the Holy Spirit.

Just in case you were wondering:

  • I took 49 flights
  • Traveled to 13 countries
  • Read 32 books
  • Watch 18 movies
  • Ate Ethiopian, Malagasy, Korean, European, Thai, and American foods
  • Visited two of Buzzfeed’s top café’s in the world
  • And received many words of encouragement, bible verses, and whispers from God. All of which I wrote down.

After seeing my “2017 Notes” many of my friends have started remembering their year as well. It’s such a small investment for such a big return.

What are some things you do to remember your year??

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